Why use a coach?


  •  To help you gain clarity and discover your purpose in life.
  •  To explore opportunities in a safe and creative environment
  •  To help you discover your inner strengths and goals
  •  To help you be more productive in reaching your goals
  •  To help you make choices you feel good about.
  •  To help you take your career and life to a higher level.
  •  To help you turn your visions into reality.
Our program uses a variety of theories and practical applications taken from solution based
coaching and positive psychology to assist you in self discovery. This allows you (the veteran,
reservist, spouse or partner) to develop confidence and the tools to successfully reintegrate into
the civilian world in a positive and productive manner. We work with clients to help develop
strategic plans to take them forward into the next chapter of their life.
Coaching is available anywhere in the world using multi-media technology.


Personal resiliency coaching


Personal resilience is the ability to cope with problems and challenges faced
each day in a successful and healthy way.  If left unchecked, these problems
can accumulate to the point where we can no longer function adequately.
Each of us deals with negative pressure (stress) in a different way.  For some,
problems are seen as a terrible challenge while for others the same situation
is simply challenging.  Resiliency can be learned!
We help you to embrace qualities that lead to resiliency, including optimism,
adaptability, mindfulness, self awareness, empathy, positive emotions,
sociability, conscientiousness, emotional intelligence, and problem solving
When life throws you in the dirt, be prepared to bounce back instead of break


Cultural training and coaches services


Individual coaching for expats and families to help you navigate expat life, repatriation issues and family issues
Cross cultural training programs:

  • Cultural values in your destination country
  • Overview of the history, geography and political system
  • Daily life (housing, shopping, education, childcare, banking, healthcare, hobbies, sports, establishing friendships, etiquette, entertaining, etc.)
  • Dealing with adjustment issues and “culture shock”
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication style including virtual communication
  • Working with locals (management style, decision-making, problem-solving, motivation, meetings and negotiations, presentation style, etc.)
  • Strategies for being culturally effective at work and in your personal life

Program length: one or two days, depending on the needs of the participant(s).
To request a detailed program description or a quote, please contact us.