We offer clients a unique range of capabilities and expertise. Moreover, our academic and clinical credentials are coupled with more than 10 years corporate consulting experience carried out in some of the most challenging international markets.
Expats and Vets consultants view cross-cultural learning and individual adjustment as an integrated process. By offering a unified approach, we provide targeted training and employee assistance programming that maximize the potential for success in the international workplace.
By effectively assessing client needs and inhouse resources, we work with existing systems and personnel to broaden capabilities and reinforce learning. Our organizational skills assist managers in identifying the impact of individual differences, work group dynamics, and cultural patterns on technical or business problems overseas.  In addition, we can contribute to assessments of operational liability in relation to international employees and the provision of equivalent services.
Because the outcome of any client-consultant relationship depends to a great extent on the quality of their operational partnership, we believe there are several tasks to be accomplished even before launching the needs assessment.  We view this process as crucial to the development of a successful collaborative arrangement in which the consultant and client share responsibility for the planning, implementation, and results.  In this preliminary phase, you will have an opportunity to get to know us better and develop increased confidence in what we have to offer.